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Free Solitaire Galaxy 1.0 is a free solitaire card game. To start playing you first have to create a profile by typing a name, right after that you have to choose between the two game modes available. The first mode is the Quest mode in wich you will be ranked, so your current game, winned games and total games counts. The second mode is the Relaxing mode wich can be used for practice since you are not ranked on it. Some of the rankings are dragon, wrestler, warrior´s servant, street fighter, advanced learner, learner, drummer and beginner. In the main menu you can choose the profile, enter to the instructions section where you will find the objective of the game, how to play and a hint, and you can also acces to the highscore records. The objective of the game is to put all your cards in four Foundations, going from ace to king. If you make a move that you don´t like you can use the undo button. Bellow the foundations you have 13 fans you can use to move your cards, if an empty space is created it can only be filled by a king, and to move a card from a fan to another you have to put a red card over a black one and viceversa in a descending rank. If you are a fan of solitaire this is a game you must download.

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  • Has two modes, Quest mode wich is great to be ranked and Relaxing mode wich is just perfect for beginners


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